• Working with me during individual sessions - means achieving specific customer goals, new, positive results set forth in the life and work


  • Coaching  is a once week-session, lasting from 30 minutes. to 2 hours, depending on the client needs


  • The uniqueness of such session is immediately occuring changes - you begin to clearly understand what to do to reach your target and move towards achieving it


  • Its not a consulting - I do not give advices or strict recommendations , we find solutions together with the client


  • It’s not a counseling, coaching is motivation oriented, you are working with the past in psychological counseling , while in coaching – delivering your own future in now a days

Individual coaching

How it works

Fields I can help to improve:

Personal growth

Family, Relationships

Career & Business


Hobbies and Leisure


Friends and Chat



The problems you can solve with my program:

You do not want to be dependent on the circumstances and others.

You're not afraid to achieve your goals and realize dreams into reality.

You do not want to remain at the same level of income

You do not want to be unrealized, and to think that time is lost in vain.

You want to start your own business, but you can not understand the way it should be and what you really want?

You have tried different courses, programs, talk with friends and girlfriends and desires and ambitions and remain unfulfilled.

Select number of sessions

The number of people I can take on coaching is limited

1 powersession

3 sessions

6 & more sessions

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