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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use



Your privacy is very important to us. We want your work to the Internet possible was the most pleasant and helpful, and you quietly used a wide range of information, tools and opportunities offered by the Internet.


Personal information collected during registration (or at any other time) is mainly used to prepare the product or service in accordance with your needs. Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties. However, we can partially disclose personal information in special cases described in the "I agree with sending"


What data is collected on the site?


If voluntary registration for a mailing or to participate in online activities by Ksenia Coaching CLC you send your Name, E-mail via the registration form.


For what purpose these data are collected?


The name is used to refer to you personally, and your e-mail to send you emails newsletters, news, useful materials, commercial offers.

Your name and e-mail are not transferred to third parties under any circumstances, except as related to the execution of the law. Your name and e-mail on a secure server service and used in accordance with its privacy policy.

You can unsubscribe from the mailing of letters and to remove from the database in your contact information at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link present in each email.


As these data are used?


The site and its subdomains use cookies (Cookies), and visitor data service Google Analytics and Yandex metrics.


Using these data, it collects information on visitor activity on the site in order to improve its content, to improve the functionality of the site and, consequently, the creation of quality content and services for visitors.


You can always change the settings of your browser so that the browser to block all cookie files, or notifies you send these files. Please note here that some features and services will not work properly.


As these data are protected?


To protect your personal information, we use a variety of administrative, managerial, and technical security measures. Company Ksenia Coaching CLC adheres to various international control standards, aimed at the operation of personal information, which include certain control measures for the protection of the information collected on the Internet.


Our employees are trained to understand and implement these control measures are introduced to our notice of privacy rules and regulations.


Nevertheless, despite the fact that we strive to protect your personal information, you should also take measures to protect it.


We strongly recommend that you take all possible precautions to stay online. Organised our services and websites provide measures to protect against leakage, unauthorized use and modify the information that we control. Despite the fact that we do everything possible to ensure the integrity and security of their network and systems, we can not guarantee that our security measures will prevent unauthorized access to this information, third-party hackers.


If you change this privacy policy, you can read about these changes on this page or, in special cases, receive a notification to your e-mail.


To contact the site administrator for any questions you can write an e-mail:


Acceptance of sending


This Agreement governs your use of materials and services for users site (hereinafter - the "Site").


1. General conditions


1.1. Use of materials and services of the Site is governed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Poland.


1.2. This Agreement is a public offer. Getting access to the Site User is considered to have acceded to this Agreement.


1.3. The Site Administration has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. These changes take effect at the end of three (3) days after posting the new version of the Agreement on the website. In case of disagreement User amended it must refuse access to the Site, to cease the use of materials and services of the Site.


User Obligations


2.1. You agree not to take any action that can be considered as violating the Polish law or international law, including intellectual property, copyright, and / or related rights, as well as any action that results or may result in malfunction of the Site and Site services.


2.2. Use of material without explicit permission is prohibited. For the lawful use of materials is necessary to conclude licensing contracts (licenses) from the copyright holder.


2.3. When material from this site including copyright works, a link to the site.


2.4. Comments and other user account on the Site should not be in conflict with the laws of the Republic of Poland and accepted norms of morality and ethics.


2.5. The user is warned that the administration site is not responsible for visiting and using them to external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.


2.6. You agree that the Administration is not responsible for and has no direct or indirect liability to the User in connection with any possible or loss or damage arising in connection with any site content, copyright registration and registration of such information, products or services, available on or derived from external sites or resources, or any other user's contacts, in which he entered, using the information posted on the website or links to external resources.


2.7. The user takes the position that all the materials and services of the Site or any portion thereof may be accompanied by advertising. User agrees that the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.


Other conditions


3.1. All possible disputes arising from this Agreement or related to it shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Poland.


3.2. Nothing in this Agreement shall be understood as the establishment between the User and Site Administration agency relationship, partnership relations on joint activities, relationships, personal recruiting, or some other relationship, not expressly provided for by the Agreement.


3.3. Recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement invalid or not enforceable does not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.


3.4. Inaction on the part of the Administration of the Site in the event of any of the Members of the Agreement does not preclude the site's administration the right to take appropriate action later in defense of their interests and the protection of copyright on protected under the laws of the Site Materials.


By using this site and its subdomains, the User confirms that he is familiar with all the items


Regards, ksenia coaching.


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